Our Clients

What our clients say

Here is a selection of comments from clients whose organisations have benefited from Amplia’s approach.


To develop both our selling skills and our approach to sales management, amplia offered a different approach from what was available, focusing on the whole selling process and making individuals accountable. We have an improved sales process; and using key performance indicators has allowed us to go beyond our sales figures. Our way of thinking has changed completely. We are now more outcome-focused, rather than activity focused. amplia gives you the chance to have a fresh and innovative look at sales.”
Jean Accad, Regional Vice-President, Asia-Pacific

“We now have a structure, a new way of selling, and a whole process of working with people. There is internal measurement and everyone from the top to the bottom of the organisation knows about and is part of the process. Field sales people are more productive and stay longer; they now have “purpose”. We use the processes everyday, for training and managing. amplia have the ability to analyse problems, to measure, and to develop a robust solution.
Chris Jones, Sales Controller, United Biscuits UK

“Having experienced Amplia’s work in a previous organisation, we were able to use the principles and 3 key questions about performance management to form the basis of our way of working. The principles of their approach are methodical and professional, and we use these processes repeatedly; they are our constant performance focus. Amplia are miles ahead of any other experience and their approach underpins sales training. Without hesitation they are the most effective team.”
Steve Hyde, Director, Push – Internet Marketing


“Very well structured and conducted. To explain a process (and a new one) is never an easy job, but this training was involving, focused and demystified the process.”
Product Manager, Healthcare, Portugal

“What a great course. The training was the most relevant to my role that I have ever experienced.”
Area Manager, KP- McVitie’s

“The trainers were dedicated to helping us improve. Their feedback was very specific and gave me lots of ideas.”
Country Manager, Johnson & Johnson VisionCare

“The enthusiasm and energy of the trainer makes be want to get on and put into practise what I’ve learned.”
Regional Sales Manager, Walkers