Why Us

Amplia provides performance consulting, training, coaching and mentoring as we help your people to use consultative selling approaches to create customer value and help differentiate you from your competition. We’re  passionate about helping you to build a high performance organisation through advancing individual accountability. Together we will help you build sales, increase productivity, improve customer satisfaction and build capable teams.

Output Driven? Effective? Sustainable?

Ever heard these words? We have, and all too often they are used without any real meaning.

At Amplia we believe that:

  • Good managers coach on a regular basis.
  • Everyone has the capacity to improve and self discover solutions.
  • High performance is based on achieving outputs.
  • Being effective means getting more from existing resources in a sustainable way.

Using our proven and successful sales management approach, we will work with you to engineer high performance and improve your business results. Your sales efforts will be revived as we help your people create customer value and apply consultative selling approaches.

The results will be more output driven individuals who are clear about their goals, engaged in high-value activity and delivering sustainable performance.

Amplia has more then 20 years sales, management and training experience gained by working with blue-chip businesses in over 50 countries.


What our clients say:

Amplia’s approach is robust and has stood the test of time. It is a high quality and high value system. The team’s experience and success forms the backbone of the model. Amplia demonstrates a commitment to delivering results and are genuinely driven to get them. Their pragmatic approach shows they want to get things done. To maintain the dynamics they bring value and a comprehensive process; they recognize opportunities. Amplia sees real change.

Karen McMillan, The McMillan Partnership